Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas stockings!

I am so excited to annouce this gorgeous Christmas stocking design. Holly from Holly Mathis Interiors and I collaborated on this idea for an HGTV.com project and it turned out so pretty.

They are made from geniune coffee sacks, found via this wondeful local coffee company.

Each stocking is lined with white linen and has a semi ruffle detail...such a great combination!
They look so pretty on our friend Christi's mantle.

The medium stocking above is wider but not as long...8" at the narrow middle and upper part and 14" across the bottom "foot" area.  Approx 24" from top to bottom. It is $40 plus s/h.

The long stocking featured in the photo above is larger overall but is more skinny.  It is 32" long but only 6" across the middle part and 12" across the "foot" area. It is $50 plus s/h.

Email me if you are interested.. I only have so many coffee sacks in my stash!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Email with any questions or to schedule!
makeslipcoverstx {at} gmail {dot} com

*prices subject to extra charge for washing fabric, pleating, long skirts or large dimensions*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why slipcovers?

I love custom slipcovers (not the throw-on, one-size fits all kind) because they still show the shape of the furniture, they are stylish, relaxed and inviting and they make a room look cozy! Slipcovers are a great way to give new life to an old, but well-made piece of furniture. You can also change with the seasons. I am an avid thrift store shopper because I can buy good quality inexpensively, recycle and make it look great!

I especially love slipcovers because they can be cleaned easily. Yes, sometimes washing and putting them back on can feel like wrestling an alligator, but I don't care. There is just something refreshing about knowing your furniture is clean. If you suffer from allergies, cleaning your furniture easily can even make you feel better! But, there are a few things I have learned about caring for slips. Most home decor fabrics have not been treated for laundry detergent brighteners. I use Seventh Generation detergent, because it does not contain ingredients that will cause the fabric to fade or change color. I learned this the hard way! There are also other products made that will work well also, I just like the Seventh Generation detergent because it is readily available at most grocery stores. I use bleach only when absolutely necessary because over time it will degrade fabric. With pets and kids and a hard working dirty husband, sometimes bleach is the only answer for white slips. I also love the Carbona Stain Devils product. They have very specific cleaners for stubborn stains and they work very well! I think I have every one they make so I'm always prepared. Ink, make-up, chocolate, and oil are no match for these. Try to wash out spills right away. If you have a stubborn stain, keep working on it before you dry it. Once it's been through the dryer, it's much harder to clean.

Dry cleaning can still shrink your slipcovers! Plus, unclean drycleaning fluid can change the color of the fabric! I always pre-wash and dry the fabric before I take out the scissors! This greatly reduces shrinkage over the life of the slipcover, although it may still gradually shrink a little bit.

Have I convinced you yet? 

Country Home feature

My work was shown in the February 2006 Country Home feature of Kirby and Shirley Fortenberry's wonderful Galveston home! Including these wonderful sofas featured above.

{notice the pleat detail on the bedskirt}

I made the bedskirts, pillows, slips for the chair seats..all in wonderful linen..

I did not make that darlin stool with the little rosettes but I could! ha!

Click on the images to enlarge and see more detail! I am all about the details!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

chair jackpot!

Look what I found...I love these chairs!  I can't wait to make them sing!

And yes that is my slightly messy but wonderfully large workroom in the background!  See my worktable?

If I can work with these chairs surely I can tranform your furniture! 

Stayed tuned to see what I do with this pair!

Ticking wing chair

Ticking fabric works great for slipcovers...
It's especially looks cute on wing chairs and camel  back sofas or settees.

It's durable and I love the way the cording looks with it used on the bias!
If you need help choosing fabric or estimating yardage..I am available.
I can help you determine if you want pleats, gathers, welting or a tiny flange!

Linen + ticking = pillow love

I love making these linen flowers!

My slipcover work is limited to South Central Texas
 (Houston, College Station, Huntsville, Brenham, the Woodlands and even Austin)
but I ship pillows and lampshades and other small items!

If you are interested, email me at
makeslipcoverstx {at} gmail {dot} com